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colleagues, not friends (closed log)
by Dr. Sephen Liu (liu_md)
at September 8th, 2006 (08:16 pm)

Characters: Doctors Liu and Ekou
Location: Secret Shin-Ra Lab (staff room)
Summary: The two good doctors discuss the progress of their subjects over coffee and speculate about what's to come (more upon completion)
Warnings? None, really. These guys are strictly professional...so there may be references to some surgery-related gore, but that's just about it.

If Stephen Liu 'lit up' more than once a week, it meant that something particularly stressful had happened. He smoked so little, in fact, that he sometimes wondered why he didn't just quit altogether and be done with it. His answer to this question would almost invariably be that he "needed it." The nicotine took the edge off whatever was bothering him and helped him relax. Or so he said. His wife usually answered that chocolate or a glass of wine did the same thing, and that they didn't cause cancer, but he usually chose to ignore her on that particular point.

After today's surprise Presidential visit...and the excitement of actually seeing his specimen awaken at nearly 100%...the ash-tray at Liu's elbow was all but filled with cigarette butts.

In the six or so years since he had taken over his mentor's position as the Director of Shin-Ra Company's Science Department, Liu had managed to do what Hojo had never been able to accomplish.

He had successfully cloned Sephiroth.

He was almost giddy at the prospect. He, Stephen Chaoxiang Liu, had surpassed even his own expectations and successfully called back two humans and an Ancient from the Lifestream. The scientific theories that he had developed had all the power of the gods that he didn't believe in.

Energized, Liu poured over some of Gast's old reports on the early Jenova Project, oblivious to all else. Jenova was a dangerous creature, yes, and of course he was glad to be rid of it, but the technology that Shin-ra's great scientific triumvirate--Gast, Crescent, and Hojo--had developed for the Jenova project had been integral to his own project. He owed a great deal to them.


Posted by: Dr. Shun Ekou (ekou)
Posted at: September 9th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)

It had been a rather long day, first of all there had been an employee who had gotten word that one of their loved ones had passed away, yet due to the awakening of the subjects, it was a little difficult for all personnel to obtain any leave of absence. So for the better part of the day, he had been helping him through the emotional distress the situation had put him through.

The human mind had always been of interest to him and to watch it go through the various stages and processes as its host travelled through a diverse assortment of emotions was fascinating to say the least. And for him to be given such an opportunity to not only eventually assess the late General himself, but two other subjects which are proving to be a rather interesting challenge in themselves.

There were of course still many tests and procedures which needed to be run on each subject themselves, each of which would give him a clear indication as to that particular subjects thought patterns and it was a notion which almost excited him to think about. He had a few ideas in mind as to how best to begin such testing and exactly who to begin such testing on. But that would come all in due time, right now there was much to discuss with his college about the presidents visit and Ekou held no doubt that the awakening of their main project would have been successful. He was rather looking forward poking around in the dear Generals mind when given the opportunity.

Rounding the last corner, Ekou smoothly made his way into the staff room within the laboratory, easily sighting where Liu had situated himself as his college pored over reports. The overflowing pride within Liu’s work was obvious to him at a simple glance after knowing the man for the past few years. Yet it was understandable, to be able to actually achieve something which no other scientist before you had been able to would be enough to incite such an emotion. It was always amusing though to watch the pride run rampant through the other as the sheer energy being emitted from the other was almost overwhelming.

After pouring himself a small cup of tea, Ekou gracefully manoeuvred himself through the small room until he came to stand before Liu. Placing the cup upon the table before them, the legs of the chair scraped on the hard floor as he pulled the object from the tables edge. Seating himself, he pushed the rim of his glasses back up the bridge of his nose before moving to pick the cup of tea up before him. His sharp tawny gaze peered over the top of the cup as he brought the rim of the glass close to his lips, but took no effort into taking a sip for the moment. “Considering your rather gleeful exterior, I take it the awakening was a success?”

Posted by: Dr. Sephen Liu (liu_md)
Posted at: September 9th, 2006 03:01 am (UTC)

Liu knew who it was without even having to look up. He reached for the lukewarm coffee at his elbow, looking bored. "Of course," he said simply, and turned the page.

"He's...magnificent. Better than the original, I daresay. All the power but without the latent mental instability." Liu looked over the tops of his glasses at his younger colleague. "That is...if you've done your job right. Only time will tell; he's still re-acclimating to his surroundings." With that, he went back to his reading.

Only a few moments passed, however, before he looked back over to Ekou. "Oh, that reminds me. How are the other two doing? You interviewed them today, yes? I have yet to see a report."

Posted by: Dr. Shun Ekou (ekou)
Posted at: September 9th, 2006 03:25 am (UTC)

“All's in a days work naturally and just as I’m sure you’ve performed your duties to their best abilities, mine also have been up to par when I began programming that particular subjects mind.” A smooth smile spread across his lips before the rim of the glass touched his mouth. The tea within was still rather hot but pleasantly so, Ekou noted as he took a sip from the cup. “We wouldn’t want a repeat of the last time.”

Gaze flickering down to the papers stretched out onto the table between them, he wasn’t entirely surprised at the content found written on them. At he mention of the subjects current accustoming to their new body, Ekou nodded his head in acknowledgement. The other two test subjects had shown similar experiences after their previous awakenings. “It will take a short amount of time for the project to accustom themselves to their new body.”

He took the small amount of silence between them to simply sit there and enjoy the stillness surrounding the room as the near-faint sounds of machinery sounded over the quietness. When attention was directed back upon him, Ekou merely smiled pleasantly towards Liu was he placed the cup back upon the table. “The other two subjects are doing rather well indeed, the first preliminary assessment of the two went far better than I had predicted. Considering I had expected more displacement than what the subjects displayed with their memories after the mergence of the soul with the shells we created.”

Lifting the cup up to his lips, Ekou calmly took yet another sip of his tea before returning his attention over towards his colleague. “As for the report, they were concluded just prior to this little meeting of ours. You will find them safely on top of your desk waiting for your return.”

Posted by: Dr. Sephen Liu (liu_md)
Posted at: September 16th, 2006 04:40 am (UTC)

Liu nodded distractedly, still reading one of Gast's reports ("Day 090: Fetus still appears to be viable"). "I'm glad to hear it," he murmured.

"I should like to examine both sometime later today...can that be arranged?" He smiled thinly, but it didn't show in his eyes. "You've more experience than I in these matters, so I would like your professional opinion. Are they ready for...thorough medical evaluations?"

[ooc: Dude. I did NOT mean for that last sentence to sound so...wrong. XD It's just my Hojo-muse coming out in a different guise.]

Posted by: Dr. Shun Ekou (ekou)
Posted at: September 28th, 2006 03:41 am (UTC)

"It should be arranged easily enough yes." Ekou agreed with a short nod of his head, earning him the reward of his vision being blurred by the long tresses of hair now obscuring his vision. Calmly brushing them to the side, his tawny gaze looked thoughtful for a moment as he thought over each of the subjects he'd come into contact with.

He doubted that subject Z was mentally ready for such examinations. With the way his mind was currently set out, it would only make the other more determined to rebel against them; a situation he would rather avoid until he was able to properly map out the others thought patterns. "Subject Z is still in need of further testing, it would only prove to be a negative action for us to take if we prematurely test this particular one."

Removing the glasses from his face, his free hand moved down to pull a cleansing cloth from his pocket before he began cleaning the spotless lenses. Holding them up into the air above him, Ekou critically looked the lenses over for any remaining spots but found himself satisfied and replaced them back onto the bridge of his nose. He doubted that Liu was especially upset over that particular piece of information, considering the fact that out of the three specimens, subject Z was the least impressive of the lot to some extent. Yet even still it didn't make him any less valuable that the other experiments and Ekou was certain that even subject Z could be of some use in the time to come.

"The cetra subject though I believe is ready for further evaluations, that is of course if you're interested in starting off with that particular subject?" He asked, his voice silken smooth while his tawny gaze carefully regarded his colleague.

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