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Final Redemption RPG

We all have something to atone for.

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1) No abuse of the rules

2) Absolutely NO harassment of players, and no godmodding (playing the actions of another character that is not your own). Respect the role-playing abilities of others.

3) All content that is adult rated must be put behind a cut with a warning stating what is under it. This includes fight scenes, sexual content, and fangirling (yes, you know you're here because you do it).

4) Your writing skills must be legable and acceptable to a fully English crowd. No 1337-speak and no Japanese endings (-chan, -san, -sama, etc.) unless the character has it within their personality to use such things in normal speech. Don't throw in random Japanese words (Hai, gomen, etc.) either as they annoy people.

5) Activity is required for this game to go anywhere, so you must post every two weeks, or let a MOD know why you cannot post or make a post to the OOC community.

6) First-person posts are restricted to character journals only, and all third person posts are to be placed on the community with proper labeling:

Warnings: (if applicable)

7) All OOC comments are to be placed in the OOC community, fr_rpooc. Any reports of a character being out of line in the actual RPG community are to be brought to me. I do expect that everyone has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and realize the characterization presented and will do their best to express that characterization.

8) Have fun, and if you are not for one reason or another, please let a MOD know. This can be a problem with another player, boredom, etc.


Game Plot The timeline and plot in which this game is based on. Please read to get a feel of the events that will eventually come up.

Materia & Combat Rules There are rules to be followed for the use of materia and of combat that all players are expected to know and play. They aren't complicated rules, and they are pretty logical.

Materia List Here is a list of materia that is accessable for this game and the spells that they cast. Any other materia that is support may be requested for approval.

Character Application When applying for a character, we will try to have applications read over and an answer returned within two days. Once the MOD's have approved your application, you will be notified and given access to the community.


ShinRa Corperation
Rufus Shinra:: shotgun_prince played by firestorm717 MSN: dragonorb77@hotmail.com
Scarlet: dangerous_kyaha played by N/A AIM: Zephyrous Melody
Reno:: streaks_of_red played by continuum AIM: melanthe vida
Rude:: sans_hair played by lao_hu AIM: Tsunenohana
Elena:: absoluteloyalty played by colortheory AIM: xdanseinfernalx
Tseng:: OPEN
Reeve/Cait Sith:: protectmytrust played by animecrush AIM: Ritsuko456

Sephiroth:: hateful_sorrow played by ozzypoos AIM: ozzypoos81
Zack Taylor:: foolhardy_will played by sixteen_letters AIM: Hushpadd

Cloud Strife:: strength4honour played by chibi_nataku AIM:Lil Nataku
Tifa Lockheart:: my_finalheavenx played by _amyrose_ AIM: SachuCamui
Barret Wallace:: OPEN
Aerith Gainsborough:: revenio played by continuing AIM: end title
Nanaki/Red XIII:: OPEN
Yuffie Kisaragi:: shallow_butcute played by 0angelwing0 AIM: xladyturk0x
Vincent Valentine:: bloodyvaientine played by shatteredvanity AIM: Shattered Vanity
Cid Highwind:: OPEN
Jessie:: miscalculator played by phrotus AIM: S for Salad

Game OCs
Dr. Sephen Liu:: liu_md
Dr. Shun Ekou:: ekou
General Daire Caden:: general_caden
Cher:: that_darn_brat played by madamada_chan AIM: madamadachan

Game NPCs
Hojo:: brilliantly_mad
Jenova:: star_of_tears

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