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where the wind goes
by that_darn_brat (that_darn_brat)
at September 15th, 2006 (11:01 pm)

Mood: anxious

Characters: Cher
Location: a rundown house at an abandoned village... somewhere in Midgar?
Summary: As he looked around, the thought that he had always been pushing to the back of his mind painfully resurfaced.
Warnings: none.

//‘We’re the same, aren’t we?’//

//‘We’re both alone.’//

//‘But, hey, listen, once we get out of here, I’ll adopt you and call you my own.’//

//‘We can start over. Together, even if it’s just the two of us, we’ll become a family…’//

It was a promise that could’ve been kept but was broken on the same day it was made.

He sighed, causing mist to form on the glass. As he wiped it off with his fingers, he saw his own reflection- a delicately shaped face topped with a mop of black hair tinged with the slightest shade of olive, its shorter strands framing his vibrant blue eyes.

Eyes… His features lit up into a smile of reminiscence. The image of an affectionate grin resurfaced at the back of his mind and a gentle voice spoke.

//‘Your eyes remind me of the color of the sea and the sky… Ah, but you wouldn’t know because you’ve never seen them, right? Someday, I’ll definitely show it to you…’//

His earliest memories had already been of his white room- with its white walls, white table, white chair, white light and white everything. Even his clothes had always been white. It had a white door with a small window attached to it that barely showed him anything other than a long hallway with white doors and equally pristine walls. It was a door that had always been locked, only to be opened if he were called to go to the laboratory of… Hojo, was it? He wasn’t even sure if he remembered the name correctly, since it had been six or so years since he last saw the said person.

All that changed on the night he turned twelve, when that person who promised him freedom and a new life helped him escape, but not without a cost. It was a gift given in exchange for a life.

“Liar.” He softly whispered as he blew on his palms for what little warmth it could offer. “Without you… It’s meaningless.” He drew his legs closer and wrapped his arms around, chin leaning on his knees.


He could hear the sound of waves coming from a distance. As he slowly regained his senses, he could feel the soft, slightly ticklish texture of the sand underneath him. He could also feel the warm rays of the sun on his face, making his eyes sting slightly as he slowly opened them. Momentarily raising an arm to block the glaring light, he sat up and took in the surrounding scenery. This was somewhere he had never been, but it was a place he had often tried to picture in his mind whenever his friend told him about the outside world.

“The sea…” He softly mumbled, a smile slowly creeping on his lips.

Feeling excitement take over, he hastily took off his sneakers and ran towards the shore. The waves tickled his feet, making him giggle. He relished the cool sensation as the water lightly crashed into his ankles, only to retreat back as if trying to pull him along with it. As if trying to say ‘Come, let’s play…’

He went a little further until the water reached just right above his knees and tentatively dipped his fingers into the clear liquid. However, for some reason, he couldn’t pull his fingers back. It even felt like the water was creeping up his hands, then his arms, and before he could pull himself out, he was completely sucked into the water.


Rubbing his nose, he opened his eyes and looked around until he registered his surroundings. Behind him was the sofa which he had been using as a makeshift bed, and it looked as though he had fallen off of it. Again. Beside it was a window. Some of its panes were already broken, allowing wind to pass through. The curtains were torn, barely blocking the warm morning rays of the sun coming from outside.

Above him was a ceiling filled with cobwebs, and looked like it would only be a matter of time before it collapsed. The mere thought of it scared him, but he had nowhere else to go. This was the only house in what was once an entire village that looked decent enough to live in, if only because it was the only one left standing.

As he looked around, the thought that he had always been pushing to the back of his mind painfully resurfaced. He was alone in an abandoned village, with no source of food and water left. It wouldn’t be long before he would be forced to leave for his own survival. He had thought about it before, but each time, he would also be struck by fear, remembering that there are still people after him. No, he didn’t want to go back to that place no matter what. Especially after his friend’s sacrifice… He’d stay at the house just a bit longer. At least until it collapsed.

Blinking back tears, he got up and brushed dirt off his pants. He strolled towards the kitchen cupboard and opened it. Dread filled him the moment he did. There was nothing left of the little supply that had been left behind. Even though he ate as little of it as he could, as slowly as he could, he should’ve kept in mind that it would inevitably run out. As if on cue, his stomach growled.

“What do I do now…?”

He dragged his feet back to the living room and flopped down on the sofa. The time was up. It was either he stayed there and starve, or leave and find another place to live in. Looking out the window, he wondered if he was ready at all.

‘If it was him… What would he do…?’

As he thought that, the image of a man with a wide, goofy grin flashed in his mind, his hand clenched into a fist, and a confident voice saying ‘Fight!’

‘That’s right…’ He got up and mimicked the gesture. “Fight!” He grinned widely but stuck his tongue out sheepishly when he realized he was talking to no one in particular.

An important person sacrificed everything for his freedom, and he shouldn’t waste it by imprisoning himself in an old rundown house. The world he had never seen before was out there waiting for him.

As he got out of the house and cheerfully looked back to wave goodbye, a gentle wind rushed to his face. He had no idea where to go, but he would follow the wind for now. He just hoped that, along the way, it would lead him to a place where he could find something to eat.