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by Jenova (star_of_tears)
at September 2nd, 2006 (09:36 pm)

Characters: Jenova
Location: Hidden within Midgar
Summary: With the hosts usefullness near exhausted, Jenova patiently waits for a replacement.
Warnings: Very minor violence at the most.

It had been raining for the better part of the morning, the filthy streets surrounding the dead city filling with water as trash-clogged drains allow no escape for the liquid. There was a rhythmic beating upon the metal tins of trashcans, dumpsters and the remnant shells of cars which lay broken and forgotten by the side of the streets as the rain pelted down against them. Beneath one of the dumpsters a small rat took refuge from the deluge of water from the sky, seeking out the protection of the tall green giant while it waited for the rain to pass. Apart from the odd flicker of the ears thing membrane as the rodent attentively listened out for danger, the rat itself made no other signs of movement.

The streets which were darkened even despite the day still being young, suddenly lit up with a flood of light as a crack of lightning snaked its way along the grey clouds above. Still the rat made no movements even as the deep thunder reverberated through the dark clouds.

A blur of brown caught the rodent's attention though, deep green eyes instantly focused their intense gaze in the direction the movement was caught, the thin ears following suit to hear the disturbance. Over the heavy drumming of rain even with the rodent's superior hearing the rat was finding it difficult to hear much past that.

Movement flickered past the rat's line of sight again, causing the small pink nose at the end of the creature's snout to wiggle in a display of excitement. Whiskers spreading out when it became obvious that the rodent was no longer isolated, the rat finally moved, silently creeping its way towards the very edge of the dumpster's protection.

Unmindful of the rain still falling from the sky above, the rat suddenly sprung forth from beneath the large green protective barrier as it darted across the slightly flooding streets. Leaping over the large puddles forming, the rodent moved with extraordinary speed and agility even more so than its brothers as it skillfully avoided all the obstacles between it and its target.

From beneath the hollowed out car, the intended target ran out, sensing the danger heading right towards its location as it braved the harsh rain. Its retreat though didn't go unnoticed by the rodent and quickly enough it too gave chase to its target, focused solely on chasing it until the rat had been successful.

Small droplets of water splashed out from beneath tiny claws as the rat rushed its way through the otherwise deserted streets. The rain continued to fall down in rhythmic patterns, though the rodent paid it no heed as it continued to chase down its target. A high pitched squeak, followed by the near-desperate clawing as its target attempted to climb its way up the brick wall closing off all hopes of escape.

Spinning around on its heels, fur rising in agitation the rat hissed in warning more than willing to defend itself as slowly its pursuer closed in. A loud crack of thunder rolled through the sky as the surrounding around lit up from the lightning above, imminent to the upcoming battle.

Sharp green eyes watched the other with intelligence, knowing the fate of the outcome well before any form of attack could take place. Opening its mouth, no flesh remained within as the overly white teeth glared back at its opponent while the attacker let out a hiss of its own. Leaping in for an attack, green eyes narrowed calculatingly as their owners claws stretched out, reading to attack the other openly.

This body was useless, broken beyond repair and seeking out a new host was all that was necessary.

Spurting forth, the target dodged under the oncoming attack, getting past the rodents defence as it leapt up from beneath, latching its sharp teeth into flesh which held no volume beneath. Green liquid burst forth from the wound, covering the brow fur a dark olive as the rat instinctively released the prey from its mouth. Shaking its body vigorously to rid itself from the liquid, the rodent thrashed itself around as a desperate cry sounded from the rat.

Pouring into the creature through ears, the green liquid continued to move up along the body of the rat despite the rodent’s attempts to rid itself of the substance as it crept towards its mouth. The desperate sound of breathing was the only noise within the dead end street as the rodents struggles began to fade in strength while the rat quietened. Lying on the wet asphalt, the small chest heaved erratically while the rats eyes rolled back, turning the colour white before slowly, the white was slowly infested with green.

As all other colour bled from the iris, the rats breathing began to even out, the dead carcass of the previous host lying almost hollow as it gave off an acidic stench. All of this was ignored by the rat as slowly, it rose up to its feet. Its movements were unsteady for only a mere moment before the rat turned to face the exit to the alleyway and crept its way back from where it came from.