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by Jenova (star_of_tears)
at July 27th, 2006 (04:58 pm)

Characters: Jenova
Location: Alleyway, Midgar.
Summary: Some of Midgars local residents fight over a scrap of food unaware of the dangers lurking above them. Yet as the brawl increases in violence, one finds themselves distracted by what's above and goes off in search to investigate.
Warnings: Slight violence and blood.

Deep within the silent city of Midgar, the new local inhabitants scurried along with their daily business, ducking in and out of main streets as they preferred to travel along the deserted side streets and alley ways. The sound of tin crashing against the ground causes the denizens to freeze in their movements, stretching themselves to appear taller as they peered down further into the darkened alleyway.

A soft squeak followed by a scuffle drifted past the small number of witnesses watching from a distance, their curiosity cause as to what could be causing such a disturbance to their daily lives. It wasn’t until the hint of rotting food drifted past their nasal cavities that interest was caught entirely.

Within the next heartbeat, the small group sprung into action as they raced down along metal pipes and wooden boards, others taking an easier approach as they ran along the cracked pavements. The sounds of the scuffle continued to gain in volume the closer the group got towards their target and the moment the trashcan came into view, added with others of their kind scurrying around the opening of the tin can, that those new to the skirmish leapt into action.

The soft squeaks became instantly louder with the sheer number of newcomers entered the fray, all hoping to win the small piece of rotting food hidden within the bottom of the trashcan. Small sharp teeth dug into flesh, causing blood to flow from the wounds as each one attempted to best the next. The scent of blood was soon overpowering that of the smell which had originally attracted the natural inhabitants as slowly what begun as a small meal for one turned into a fight for survival as one by one, an exhausted body would fall and become victims to the pack still fighting above them.

Yet even with the blood being spilt more continued to join in on the attempt to snag the small amount of food to the point where focus had drifted from their stomachs but instead to the defeat of those around them. Sections of fur and skin was torn from their bodies, the red crimson of blood soaked into the browns and black fur adorning their bodies, collecting in volume until it dropped down to those unfortunate enough to be trapped beneath the ever-growing pack.

High above their location sat an open black box, the original contents within long gone as its holder remained forgotten upon the minds of those who knew of it. Within the black container the soft echoes of a drop hitting another liquid reverberated within the broken black box as a deep green liquid pooled itself inside.

Slowly, as if the container had a slight incline to one side, the green liquid made its way down along the length of the tube until it eventually began to gather at the mouth of the container. One single drop fell from the containers opening, calling onto the metal beam it was resting precariously upon. The green liquid ran slowly down along the length of the long silver rod until the tail of the drop caught on the clean-cut edge, the steel material having been sliced through years back. Gravity won out soon enough as the deep green liquid fell from its position, sparking softly in the sunlight filtering through pollution ridden atmosphere.

From within the scuffle below, small beady eyes blinked in confusion as it felt a drop fall upon its back, bringing the large rodent out of the daze this frenzy had caused. Rounded black eyes rolled up until its owner was looking directly up to the beam above. Jumping up to the top of the trashcan, thin sensitive ears focused forward, attempting to hear any sounds as to where this liquid fell from but couldn’t detect anything other than the sounds of scuffling below.

Without a second thought to the prospect of food the others were fighting over, the rats nails clicked upon the tin cans surface as it scurried its way up along the length of the object. Tensing its muscles, it then jumped up onto one of the many pipes littering the wall, the plumbing long since destroyed, before making its way up along the long thin piece of metal.

Pausing in its movements, the thin skin of ear flickered, shaking its hearing from all distraction and focused all attention upon the rectangle shape container just a few metres away from its own position. Making the short jump over onto the metal beam, the rat cautiously began to make its way up along the piece of metal before coming to a stop just beyond the mouth of the container.

Whiskers shifted as the rodent’s nose tested the air for any smells, finding the barest hint of a scent circulating within the container. Tentatively one paw stepped within the box shortly before the other front paw followed. Head roaming around in a wide circular motion as the rat looked for any hidden danger, slowly it moved over the damp moisture it was standing in as it cautiously stepped further into the container.

The near-silent hum from a small insect soon came to a stop as it landed upon the green liquid, the small body flailing within the substance before it dissolved entirely. With the small noise gone, the rat paused its movements, waiting to sense any form of danger in the immediate area. Half curling back around so it was facing the entrance, the dark brown rodent lifted on paw from within the liquid as it a wet sensation began crawling up its thin leg. Placing the limb back down, the rear left leg soon followed the fist, rising out of the liquid at the slick feel of it rising up its leg.

It was decided that whatever it smelt within this container was not worth the feeling of dread the rodent felt within, yet as the rat moved to exit the container, the deep green liquid within held onto the creature in a vice like grip, not allowing it to escape.

A panicked squeak sounded from the rodent’s mouth shortly before it began thrashing about within the container as the liquid rapidly tore its way up along the rodent’s body. Throwing it off balance as was rocked completely off the edge of the beam, falling down to the pavement below. The loud noise it made as the box made contact with the ground caught the attentions of the other rats in the area. Blood and flesh covering the rodents as those still alive turned their focus upon the now still container.

Instantly on guard when the black container shook slightly, dozens of pairs of black eyes watched warily as from within a single rat emerged. Bright green eyes stared back towards the many sets of black as not a single rat moved a muscle. Flinching back at the twitch of an ear, the black eyed rats remained quiet and watchful as eventually attention drifted from them and the green eyed rodent moved off in the opposite direction.

There was still no movement from those remaining by the trashcan for a long moment after the danger they’d sensed had passed. Slowly the scent of food once again caught their attention one by one as the green-eyed rat went forgotten and the struggle for food became predominate in their mind again.